Are You Trying To Appeal A Parking


Don't be surprised if you end up 'pulling your hair out'...Councils are not there to cancel tickets every time someone rings them up...nor are they there to give you advice on the best way to challenge your ticket..Unfortunately they are only there to take your money. It's your job to find out what the rules are, and learn what to do when appealing parking tickets

over 66% of people who have challenged their parking tickets are successful, you could be one of them. The guide explains exactly how to do this

If you have ever tried contacting the council to appeal then you may be familiar with some of these…

• They may Ignore your specific reasons for appeal by replying to you with a standard rejection letter

• If you call they may tell you that you should pay the Parking Ticket first then appeal later

• They may say if you take the matter to adjudication and lose you will have to pay for the ticket plus expenses and legal fees

Do any of these ring any bells? Well believe it or not all these are simply untrue!!!

However they are widely used by unscrupulous Councils in an attempt to get you to pay up… but amazingly these tactics work on the average motorist like you and me..and Councils know this!

The Guide To No More Parking Tickets shows you how to quickly deal with councils that fob you off like this…

On top of that we have also compiled comprehensive answers to the most common questions we get on a daily basis and bundled them into this neat little guide. The more information you have the quicker you will get your ticket cancelled. We are frequently asked:

I need to write an effective appeal letter..can you help?

Will i have to go to court to appeal my case?

I wrote a letter to the council but they just ignored my reasons..what EXACTLY do i do now?

The council told me to pay first then appeal...this isn't it?

The council sent me a ticket months after the offence..isn't there a time limit?

I'm trying to appeal but getting nowhere...what exactly do i do to get it cancelled?

Why are most appeals successful?

What exactly can i do to ensure the council cancel the ticket before adjudication?

Answers to all these questions and loads more are in the guide. In fact we are so confident that you'll get any parking ticket question answered by downloading the guide that we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE which means if after downloading the guide you don't find the answer to your query just pop us an email and we will GUARANTEE to find an answer to your question..

And there's even more…

Over 100 pages of straightforward advice

Includes appeal letters that over 67% of our customers have successfully used to get their tickets cancelled

Find out what you must NEVER do when submitting your appeal

Discover the single most valuable piece of evidence when appealing tickets

What grounds of appeal you shouldn't use

Three things a Local Authority must prove to an Adjudicator

Discover when a Parking Adjudicator will dismiss a case before it even begins

The easiest way to win your appeal without even turning up

Discover how and when you can get clamp/towing fines refunded

Find out when you can get compensation

One top of all this the guide assists you if you have just got a parking ticket and also help you avoid parking tickets in the first place

Does this guide actually work?

You may be wondering how successful it's been or who's benefited from our advice and expertise.

Well in 2007 we helped 1747 drivers successfully challenge their parking tickets, read some of their testimonials here. We've been featured on BBC Radio, in the Metro and Evening Standard newspapers. We've also launched our own campaign called '7 checks to beat tickets' which is aimed at giving the ordinary motorist a head start on successfully challenging their tickets

How much it will cost to get your hands on all this information?...

Probably the better question is, how much will it cost you to just roll over and pay the penalty charge notice..As of 31st March 2008 the Transport Management Act requires councils to introduce a two teir system for penaties...meaning more fines for ordinary drivers like you and me across the UK. This means you can now pay anything up to £120 just for simply stopping on a single yellow line

'The Guide To No More Parking Tickets' with 101 pages of advice, free appeal letters, and crammed full with absolutely everything else we've promised on every single page of this website will today cost you only £9.99

Couple this fantastic price with our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and you can see that the decision to download your copy of the guide is an absolute no brainer!

Don't take our word for it, see what some of our happy customers have said

Continue wasting money to pay for parking tickets? or invest money to cancel them? It's your choice...


There's one more surprise...

After Hundreds Of Emails, Huge Public Demand And
Months Of Research We Have Just Finished Writing...

"The Guide To No More Parking Tickets on Private Property"

Please answer this question...

Have you ever got a ticket whilst parked on Private Property?...e.g.

  • In a supermarket car park?
  • In a petrol station?
  • In a retail outlet car park?
  • In the car park behind the local pub?
  • In a fast food restaurant car park?
  • In a shopping centre?
  • In a university or college car park?
  • In a hospital parking area?
  • In fact absolutely anywhere which is considered 'private property'?

Well today lady luck is on your side..

Did you know the parking rules on private property are completely different to the rules for parking on a public highway?

We wrote this guide specifically to address that problem, and it is crammed full with absolutely everything you need to successfully challenge these tickets..

Answer this..

Are you being hassled by debt collection agencies demanding money?

Did they ignore your appeal (and maybe even added more charges to the fine)?

Did they give you a ticket for 'staying longer than allowed'?

Does your ticket look suspiciously like one given out by the council?

Was your ticket issued for 'parking outside a specified area or parking space'?

Did you not see any parking restrictions as you drove into the car park?

Does it feel like you are be hounded by a bunch of bullies?

If you answered with "YES THATS ME!!!" to any if the above then the guide can definitely help

In fact it is surprisingly easy to challenge these tickets given out by these companies. Here are some facts about private parking tickets..

Did you know...

  • Only the driver of the car at the time, NOT the owner, is liable for payment of any charges
  • There is absolutely no element of criminal law involved with these tickets
  • Private parking tickets are merely 'notices' or 'invoices' requesting a payment

This guide covers these points and a whole lot fact we've gone to great lengths to uncover the laws, regulations, requirements, obligations and limitations of these companies and what you will discover will astonish you.

Also, in this fantastic guide bursting with tips, hints, facts and more there's 6 effective Appeal Letter Templates that you can use to guide matter where you are in your appeal

How much is all this worth?

As A Special Promotion And For A Very Limited Time We Are Including This £14.99 Guide FREE And At No Extra Cost To You...BUT THIS OFFER CAN'T LAST FOR LONG..

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